Glamour Nails

The Difference

To give you peace at mind, Glamour Nails uses Pine Free Alfalfa spa chairs. Please understand that sanitation and safety is one of our top priorities. This technology we offer is the highest level of hygiene in the industry. In addition, we sterilize equipment in a high-pressure steam autoclave. We also use new liners for each spa pedicure, new buffers, and new files for each customer. You can always rest assured that your treatment will be at the highest possible hygiene.

Our friendly and eager team will be more than willing to help you look gorgeous, so let come to us and enjoy the most relaxing time!

• Water 
• Coke  
• Diet Coke 
• 7 Up 
• Diet 7-Up
• Hot Tea 
• Hot Coffee 
• Ice Vietnamese Coffee
White Wine
• Red Wine
• Tap Beer

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